Sunday, July 24, 2011


are you on twitter? yeah, me too. i am going to try to remember to add links to new posts on there and also links to other food- and drink-related things i read. i do read a lot about food and drink these days.

so you can follow me at!/tweetawesomely, if you like. i know, it's kind of lame. but it's also kind of not. i wanted to make my thing livingawesomely, obviously, but some guy is already doing that. so don't follow him. or do. just be aware that he is not me. nor am i him.

i actually originally got on twitter like 3 years ago but soon stopped messing with it because it was not, as i had hoped, a listing of things friends are eating. maybe it is now? or could be? either way, here we are in the 21st century. if you have a twitter thing i will follow you, too! we will be twitter-buddies! so fun!

(the picture is of my darling dog darwin, who is inarguably the cutest dog ever. aside from our other two dogs, that is. they are also quite cute)

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