Thursday, January 19, 2012

cheese and crackers, margie!*

this is not a recipe, except in the sense that i am telling you you should put some cheese on some crackers. which you probably already knew, but if that's the case why aren't you doing it RIGHT NOW?

for real, this is the best snack. it's so versatile! there are literally at least a billion combinations you can do. it is filling and gives you the energy you need to fret about where wikipedia was for so long (power to the people! democracy in action!) or why that bearded honey you've been flirting with at starbuck's your neighborhood hipster coffeeshop hasn't asked you out yet. those things take their toll if you aren't properly snacked up.

here are some good combinations, if the old saltines and kraft singles aren't working for you:

jacob's cream crackers and sharp cheddar (pictured above).
sure there are other cream crackers (apparently. according to the internets.), but jacob has personally been making them since 1885 and he knows his stuff. these are large and sort of bready and have a really nice texture. i just found a pack at our local asian market for 89 cents. that is just a heck of a bargain. sharp cheddar you no doubt already know and love.

carr's cracked black pepper water crackers** and goat cheese.
carr's crackers are insanely expensive here for some reason, but i have eaten a lot of water crackers in my time and they are markedly better than, say, the trader joe's ones. also, black pepper is an awesome flavor for a cracker. spread some soft chalky goat cheese on there and baby, you've got a stew goin'!

those wheaty "entertainer crackers" and brie or camembert.
why are they called entertainer crackers? i have no idea. i asked google and the first thing that came up was barbara mandrell's wikipedia page, so if google is stumped then i have no hope. i have been to a lot of wine & cheese kind of things that featured these crackers, so i guess people find them handy for entertaining. it's not like they have a snappy routine that they do or anything, so don't be disappointed. but if you just want a nice softish crunchy wheaten cracker, they are your ... cracker. they're particularly good with squishy rindy cheeses like brie because the richness of the cheese and the nuttiness of the cracker seem to play off each other nicely. or something like that.

saltines and kraft singles.
god help me, but i do kind of love kraft singles. i think it's because we never had them at home when i was growing up. forbidden fruit and all that. don't judge me.

all of these cracker and cheese combos are good if accentuated with a little chutney kind of thing. tomato jam, carrot jam, or perhaps a particularly aggressive marmalade would be good, too.

experiment! go forth and snack! i will just be slowly dying here in the law school library, snackless.

*we have been watching a lot of Big Love lately.
**in all honesty, even though carr's water crackers are the best, we normally get the store brand or trader joe's ones. i am WAY too cheap to pay like $4 for a sleeve of crackers that are basically flour and water. and pepper.

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